Collective Worship and Religious Education

A daily Act of Collective Worship is an integral part of our school curriculum. The planned themes for Assemblies and Worship cover areas of personal, social, spiritual, moral and cultural development. Stories and examples are drawn from a range of religions and cultural backgrounds, within a broadly Christian approach.

The planned programme for Worship includes opportunities for individual reflection, class worship and Key Stage assemblies including an act of worship, focused on a weekly theme. Governors and staff are working together to further extend the impact of worship on the life of the school as a whole and we have developed a Faith Area in the centre of the school. The whole school joins together on occasions at special services and celebration’s held at St Jude’s Church with our Vicar Rev. P Robertson.

Religious Education

Through our planned RE programme we aim to enable our children to explore their own personal experiences and to give them information about a variety of religious faiths and their practices. Children are encouraged to form their own beliefs and develop respect for others. We actively promote positive attitudes and the feelings of kindness, love, tolerance, respect and understanding. Each year group is taught through a planned programme of work designated to suit their age and maturity.

Right of Withdrawal

Parents have a legal right to withdraw their child from all or some aspects of Collective Worship and Religious Education. We hope that our teaching programme and programme of Worship, whilst broadly Christian is sensitive to the beliefs and values of all faiths, but should any parent wish to exercise their right of withdrawal, they are asked to contact the Head Teacher.