Health Education

Personal, Social and Health Education

We offer our pupils a comprehensive programme of personal, social and health education throughout their journey at St Jude’s. This is supported by a themed programme of PSHE on a weekly basis.

Our programme of work for sex and relationship education covers all year groups. Children of all ages are engaged in work which focuses on the positive development and appreciation of the importance of relationships. Children are actively taught to recognise the importance of friendships and family relationships and to develop an understanding of such values as honesty, trust and respect.

In Year 5 and 6 children may be taught in single sex groups for some topics where we address the issue of puberty, with opportunities for open discussions on physical and emotional changes using the correct terminology.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex and relationship education. If you would like more information about this area of the curriculum, please contact the school.

This area of the curriculum is supported by the Primary Health Care Team, NHS, Police and Community team and Positive Futures


Children are in the care of their class teacher for most of the time but any problems that arise can be referred to the Head Teacher or another suitable member of staff.

We strongly encourage parents to come in and see us if they have a problem. You will be seen at the earliest opportunity by the Head Teacher, or Deputy Headteacher, the class teacher if appropriate. If this is not suitable we will make an appointment for the earliest convenient time.

The school is supported by an Educational Welfare Officer. There is a visit into school every week, and absence and attendance is reported to the Local Authority.

The school also supports parents/carers through our Pastoral Manager, Anthony Nicholls, who liaises with parents and our Extended Services and can help sign post for particular support along with Hayley Smith, Inclusion Manager.