Our curriculum is designed with the children in mind. We ensure that we offer the children a range of opportunities to develop the skills that they have in every year group. At our school, we pride ourselves on our unique curriculum and we endeavour to offer the children opportunities to develop a love of learning and a passion for knowledge.


At our school, our pupils are taught all of the subjects within the National Curriculum. Children have daily English and Mathematics lessons. They also have weekly Science, Humanities, Art and Physical Education lessons. 

In addition, the children have weekly Religious Education lessons as well as daily acts of worship and weekly Wellbeing lessons. 

At St Jude’s our pupils also have Design and Technology and Music lessons, which are often taught in blocks throughout the year. 

In certain year groups, our pupils have weekly Spanish and Music lessons taught by specialist teachers.


English is taught on a daily basis at St Jude’s. We teach English through a book that is often linked to our topics in History or Geography. Through our English lessons we teach all aspects of the National Curriculum. These include: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Speaking and Listening and Spelling.


At St Jude’s, Phonics is taught daily in whole classes and in small groups. This is done within Early Years and Key Stage One. Staff tailor the lessons to the children and they link these sessions to the children’s reading skills. We use the Read Write Inc scheme as a basis for our Phonics teaching. 


Mathematics is taught daily at St Jude’s. we teach all areas of Mathematics in weekly blocks so that the children are able to build on their skills. We teach all areas of Mathematics including Number; the Four Operations; Fractions, Decimals and Percentages; Geometry; Measure and  Statistics.


Calculation Policy


Science is taught topically through blocks, as well as focused weeks throughout the year. We ensure that the children are offered a balance of Physics, Biology and Chemistry in order to cover the aspects of the National Curriculum.

At St Jude’s we aim to refresh the profile of Science across the school and promote curiosity about the world around us.


Principles of Science


Working Scientifically

Religious Education and Worship

A daily Act of Collective Worship is an integral part of our school curriculum. The planned themes for Assemblies and Worship cover areas of personal, social, spiritual, moral and cultural development. Stories and examples are drawn from a range of religions and cultural backgrounds, within a broadly Christian approach.

The planned programme for Worship includes opportunities for individual reflection, class worship and Key Stage assemblies including an act of worship, focused on a weekly theme. Governors and staff are working together to further extend the impact of worship on the life of the school as a whole and we have developed a Faith Area in the centre of the school. The whole school joins together on occasions at special services and celebration’s held at St Jude’s Church with our Vicar Rev. P Robertson.

Through our planned RE programme we aim to enable our children to explore their own personal experiences and to give them information about a variety of religious faiths and their practices. Children are encouraged to form their own beliefs and develop respect for others. We actively promote positive attitudes and the feelings of kindness, love, tolerance, respect and understanding. Each year group is taught through a planned programme of work designated to suit their age and maturity. 

Right of Withdrawal 

Parents have a legal right to withdraw their child from all or some aspects of Collective Worship and Religious Education. We hope that our teaching programme and programme of Worship, whilst broadly Christian is sensitive to the beliefs and values of all faiths, but should any parent wish to exercise their right of withdrawal, they are asked to contact the Head Teacher.


History is taught in half term blocks at St Jude’s. We ensure that the children are offered a range of different topics throughout their time at our school. We aim to immerse the children in the period of history that they are studying through practical and written activities.


Geography is also taught in half termly blocks. At St Jude’s we build the children’s knowledge of the world around them and the local area. We then introduce different countries and places around the world and begin to study how these may be similar or different to where we live.


Computing is taught on a weekly basis and we aim to build up the children’s skills and digital literacy. The children are taught to use a range of different programmes and we encourage their use of different technology.


Art is taught across the year both weekly and in blocks. We teach the children a range of different techniques and across their time at our school they will study a range of different artists from different periods in history.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is taught in blocks at St Jude’s. Across a year the children will be given a range of different tasks that involve building a range of skills. The children will also have the opportunity to build their understanding in Food Technology.


Music is taught in blocks within school. The children will  build their understanding of the different elements of music. Throughout their education at St Jude’s we will also provide the children with the opportunity to play instruments. 

In Years 2, 4 and 6 the children are also taught by a specialist teacher and will be taught how to play specific instruments.

Physical Education

Physical Education at St Jude’s, is taught by a specialist teacher in most year groups. Each half term the children have a focus that is linked to their topic. Across the year the children will study; Fitness, Team Games, Dance, Gymnastics and Athletics. 

In Key Stage Two, we offer the children swimming lessons usually in termly blocks. 

As well as focused lessons, the children are encouraged to be active at both lunchtime and through the daily mile.


At St Jude’s we follow the Jigsaw scheme of work. This runs throughout the school. Each year the children will cover the topics of: 

  • Being Me in My World,  
  • Celebrating Difference,
  • Dreams and Goals, 
  • Healthy Me, 
  • Relationships, 
  • Changing Me.

MFL – Spanish

Spanish is taught in weekly slots by a specialist teacher. Spanish is taught in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. All children take part in practical activities that build their knowledge of the language and then apply these to focused tasks.

Personal, Social and Health Education

We offer our pupils a comprehensive programme of personal, social and health education throughout their journey at St Jude’s. This is supported by a themed programme of PSHE on a weekly basis.

Our programme of work for sex and relationship education covers all year groups. Children of all ages are engaged in work which focuses on the positive development and appreciation of the importance of relationships. Children are actively taught to recognise the importance of friendships and family relationships and to develop an understanding of such values as honesty, trust and respect.

In Year 5 and 6 children may be taught in single sex groups for some topics where we address the issue of puberty, with opportunities for open discussions on physical and emotional changes using the correct terminology.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex and relationship education. If you would like more information about this area of the curriculum, please contact the school.

This area of the curriculum is supported by the Primary Health Care Team, NHS, Police and Community team and Positive Futures