At St Jude’s we appreciate the role and importance of parents within their child’s education. 

In order to provide our children with the best possible education it is essential that we work together with our parents.

At St Jude’s we enjoy and value the support our parents give the school. The ways in which we can achieve this are:

  • Parents letting us know straight away about any concerns they may have so that we can deal with them promptly.
  • Informing us about any medical problems.
  • Keeping the school up-to-date with any changes in address and contact numbers
  • Working together to promote our positive behaviour system
  • ‘Good to be Green’ where we encourage and reward good behaviours and discuss consequences where negative behaviour occurs.
  • Supporting children with their reading and homework.
  • Frequent communication with class teachers and members of staff and engaging with any school activities.

We have a very supportive community who work closely with the school to support us and help with fundraising activities and some of our before and after school clubs

We always welcome new volunteers to come to our events planning meeting and also to help with our annual community events. Please contact the school office if you would like to join our school community team New ideas are always welcome!

Parent Links 

Pastoral Support

Children are in the care of their class teacher for most of the time but any problems that arise can be referred to the Executive Head Teacher or another suitable member of staff.

We strongly encourage parents to come in and see us if they have a problem. You will be seen at the earliest opportunity by the Executive Head Teacher, Head of School or the class teacher if appropriate. If this is not suitable we will make an appointment for the earliest convenient time.

The school is supported by an Educational Welfare Officer. There is a visit into school every week, and absence and attendance is reported to the Local Authority.

The school also supports parents/carers through our Pastoral Manager, Mr Nicholls, who liaises with parents and our Extended Services and can help sign post for particular support along with Mrs Blanaz, Inclusion Manager.

Medical Information

Any medicines should not be brought into school unless absolutely necessary.

The school has a clear policy and procedures for dealing with any medicines in school. If your child has to take medicine during the school day, please visit the school office to complete the required consent forms.

If possible we prefer parents to come into school to administer medicines.

Please inform the school about any medical conditions that could affect you child including any allergies. You will be asked to complete a form detailing any medical information and we ask that parents keep us up-to-date to ensure we keep your child safe.

Medical appointments, hospital, doctor, dentist, optician appointments should be made outside school hours where possible. If your child has an appointment during the day please give the office advance notice and provide appointment letter or card for school records.

Parents will be required to collect their children from school as we do not allow children to leave school unsupervised during the school day.

Attendance and Punctuality

Pupils are required to attend school regularly and on time. Attendance and punctuality is monitored and we communicate regularly with our parents to ensure any attendance issues are addressed.

If possible please telephone school on the first day of your child’s absence, to notify us of the reason.

We prefer children not to take family holidays in term time but we do understand that sometimes this is unavoidable. In the event of a term time holiday please contact school to request a leave of absence form prior. If you request holiday during term time permission must be sought from the Governors and Head Teacher.

School Closure Due to Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of the school closing due to poor weather conditions, parents will receive a text message and information is also available on Wolverhampton Today website page.

We will also inform local radio stations of any closures 

Please keep the school office up-to-date with any changes to your contact details.

Equal Opportunities

All children, regardless of their race, religion, gender, disability or needs have an equal right to participate fully in the provisions of this school.

Details of our Equalities and Diversity objectives and a full copy of our policy and planned provision for Inclusion can be viewed on request.