The school has an anti-bullying policy.

We encourage our children to report any incidents of behaviour that are not appropriate. We discuss with our children through Health Education and assemblies and during registration periods what is acceptable behaviour. We have a worry box to support pupils if they want to express a worry or concern. If you suspect your child is being bullied in any way please contact us immediately so that we can carry out a thorough investigation.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safeguarding and Child Protection is a shared responsibility and we have a legal duty to ensure the welfare of children. Our Children Protection and Safeguarding policy gives guidance for staff in recognising and reporting Child Protection issues and ALL staff at St Jude’s receive up-to-date training regarding Child Protection. If any child is thought to be at risk, action will be taken and all concerns are reported to the Designated Child Protection Officer which is D Dalton (Executive Head Teacher) or to either S Wycherley (Head of School) or A Nicholls (Pastoral Lead) as the Deputy Designated Child Protection Officers.

We are committed to keeping our children safe at all times. If we have any worries or concerns we will make contact with the family. However this may not always be appropriate and therefore we would refer the matter to the Social Care team in Wolverhampton.


Safeguarding Policy 2021


Safeguarding and COVID-19 Update Spring 2021


Keeping Children Safe In Education 2021

Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges                  September 2021