There are some children who may experience learning or emotional and behavioural difficulties or who are very able in one or more curriculum areas. The New Special Needs Code of Practice is practised by the school. This is in accordance with Wolverhampton Education Authority guidelines.

At St Jude’s we cater for children with additional needs and ensure that these children are able to access the curriculum that we offer. All ranges of ability are catered for in each classroom. In addition to this some children may be withdrawn, or receive support from Learning Support Assistants. Our site is fully accessible to all children and our dedicated SENCO- Mrs Blanaz- ensures that the children have every opportunity to build on their skills within school. 

Within class, our staff ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all children and strive to build on the skills that our children have. 

If you have any questions about special educational needs please contact the school office. Our policy for Special Educational Needs may be viewed in school on request.


SEND Information