EYFS Spring Update 2021

Terrific for Twos

Mrs Evans, Mrs Devi and Miss Blower welcome you to Terrific for Twos 


Mrs Singh, Miss Mincher, Mrs Markham-Randall and Miss Kavanagh welcome you to Nursery.


Mr Healy, Miss Ali, Mrs Richards, Mr Newlyn and Miss Falato all welcome you into Reception.

Key Stage 1 


Key Stage 1 Spring Update 2021

Year 1

Mrs Phelps, Miss Roberts, Mrs Banks, Miss Russell and Miss Abrams welcome you to Year 1.

Year 2

Miss Ward, Mr Dyer, Mr Hunt and Mrs Coates welcome you to Year 2.

Lower Key Stage 2


Lower Key Stage 2 Spring Update 2021

Year 3

Mr Gates, Miss Tipton, Mrs Kaur and Mrs Thomas all welcome you to Year 3.

Year 4

Miss Allsopp, Mrs Sands and Mrs Duggins welcome you to Year 4.

Upper Key Stage 2 


Upper Key Stage 2 Spring Update 2021

Year 5

Mrs Caddick, Mr Holliday, Mrs Johnson and Mr Bennett all welcome you to Year 5.

Year 6

Miss Popsys, Miss O’Flaherty, Miss Harrison, Mr Buss and Miss Varga all welcome you to Year 6.